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“Those Who Give a Damn”

Podcast w/ Duvalier J. Malone


Created and hosted by Duvalier Malone, Those Who Give a Damn podcast seeks to speak to individuals who are making a difference in their community by using their circle of influence to initiate change in their community. It is the mission of this podcast to always speak truth to power and attack issues that affect the community. Malone believes that the lack of knowledge hinders communities from fully thriving. With that, he sets out to bring critical information directly to the people through innovative topics and influential guest. Malone’s lineup of stellar interviews with community leaders, minister, politicians, and business owners assuredly delivers a well-rounded presentation of what one should aspire towards for successful living. Malone said, “We have been silenced for too long, it’s time to speak up, speak out against injustices within our community.”  


Stay tuned for the official air date of “Those Who Give a Dam Podcast”.

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