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We are stronger together

The key to changing our communities is to vote and encourage our fellow citizens to vote on the side of change and progress in Mississippi. We have come much too far to try to reverse course now. We are stronger together, and our country is great because of that strength.

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Demonizing Obamacare hurts Mississippi

Health care in Mississippi is inadequate. Since the election of Donald Trump, many Republicans have celebrated what they see as the end of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). It's just that politics continue to get in the way when it comes to the health of Mississippians.

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Do you have a seat at the table?


Change is always discussed and planned during an election year. Right now, across the entire country, people are marching, demonstrating and protesting for change. Americans are laying out their demands on both sides of the aisle, and they are coming to the table with the potential leaders of tomorrow to exchange views.

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Respect must go both ways


In America, we the people truly do choose our leaders. Through our democratic process, Donald Trump was chosen by the people to be our president. It was a moment of pride to watch former President Obama exude grace and dignity as he participated in the peaceful transfer of power, which is the hallmark of our democracy.

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Last Confederate stronghold in America: #Charlottesville


The Confederate emblem is a symbol of hate. It is the American equivalent of the Nazi swastika in Germany. Many won't agree with that statement on its face, but let's examine this.

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HB 1523 will roll back civil rights gains


The so-called “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act” is an abomination and will roll back many civil rights gains. Moreover, it is shameful that the loving God I keep close to my heart has been “thrown under the bus” as it were, to shield the hatred and bigotry of a small minority. America has made too many great strides in the protection of our civil rights to stop now. This law is an attack on basic human decency and stands in stark contrast to the Southern hospitality my state represents. No child should grow up in an America in which he or she can be denied basic human respect, based solely on a disagreement about personal love. We are better than this.

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America, how many more innocent souls must die?


On February 15, 2018, once again a dark cloud of evil and hate arose in another one of our innocent schools in America. Seventeen innocent individuals dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. I can’t help but think, is the problem gun control in America, or is this a problem of hate and evil in the hearts of people in our country? This is an internal question for all Americans. How are our lives and actions ensuring that we are displaying love and not hate in our country?

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Challenge to Mississippi lawmakers:

Remove Confederate emblem from the state flag


Mississippi has not displayed the best image for the world. How can you claim to love God and claim Mississippi is the Bible Belt of the South but also endorse the Confederate emblem?

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Poverty, health and education must have place at political table.


It’s shameful that in the U.S. there are children who don't have food to eat or decent clothing to wear; but what adds to that shame is the fact, if you look at the most important issues to Americans, child poverty and nutrition don't even make the list.

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Many of us are too silent. We sit idly by, and we know that our rights are being stripped; but instead of making noise and making our voice heard, we do nothing. If we want to prove that we truly do give a damn about our communities, then we have to be as courageous as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

No matter the risk, we can’t remain silent. If we don’t fight for change, then who will?


One person can holler and yell for change; but when a group of people come together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.


Join Duvalier Malone on this journey for change and progress.

Support black lawmakers boycotting SLC because of state flag: Duvalier Malone

Right now, black lawmakers in Mississippi are facing opposition because of their plans to boycott the Southern Legislative political conference.

These lawmakers made this bold decision to put a national focus on the Mississippi state flag. Mississippi is the only state in the country with a Confederate symbol on the official flag of the state.

When I heard the news that 13 out of the 51-member Mississippi Black Caucus broke with the previously agreed-upon boycott, it made me realize how important it is to stand up and show the remaining members that we, the people, support them.


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