A Manual for Making a Difference



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Those Who Give A Damn: A Manual for Making a Difference How a small town boy dreamed of changing his fate. You may know his story, but do you understand his struggle? Those Who Give A Damn is a story of struggle, adversity and the will to succeed. Join Duvalier Malone as he details how he overcame tragedy in the best way possible: in the service of his fellow man and woman. Duvalier seeks to give a manual on how to serve humanity. As a small town boy who chased his dreams and found the path to manhood that was forged by the footsteps of those who paved the way, Duvalier was blessed with the tools to give back to his community. He now wants to share those tools with others, by showing through example how to rise above one’s circumstances and achieve in spite of the hardships and obstacles that lay in one’s way. While agonizing over his own place in the world, Duvalier discovered that his measure was hidden in his own courage, strength and hope. This moment of achievement is chronicled in the memoir of this community servant who wishes to inspire others the way he was inspired by those who went before him.


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